• We are carbon neutral on all our services.
    • Since we are a small company, we will estimate CO2 consumption from our services as well as third partys.
  • 1 percent of our revenue will be dedicated to sustainability projects.
  • Every year a sustainability report will be created and published.

Report 2020

Most used service providers already have their own sustainability program to provide services with as little environmental impact as possible. Whenever a provider does not provide any information on this topic, we will estimate an environmental impact and will try to cover that.

Travel statistics

type distance CO2
train 10000km 0.3t
plane 1700km 0.4t


  • 2 employees (averaging 7.9t CO2 per person in Germany)

Supported projects

General Statement

2020 is somewhat special year, due to the Corona pandemic a lot of travel restriction where in place. This had a strong impact on our business as well as travel activities. Although the CO2 comsumption is rather low, we will stick with our goal of investing in projects above the pledged minimum.